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List of Entities

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List of Entities

Post by Kor on Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:02 pm

Stellaroa - Entity of Light, she was the one who crafted the stars, and made the sun's flames radiate day light, and the moon radiate starlight

Salamandra - Entity of Flames, he was responsible for the birth of the sun, as well as all fire on the planet. He gave fire to the mortal races so they could warm themselves, cook, and have a source of primitive energy. 500 years ago, he made a pact with the human warrior clan, The Sakata Clan's leader, Jotou Sakata. He split his soul in three parts, so that the twin blades, The Blade of Eternal Flames, and the Blade of Indomitable Will could be forged in order to defend the clan from evil. Has been slumbering since then.

Undalar - Entity of Water, and Lord of the Seas, responsible for creating all the oceans, rivers, steams, lakes etc. in Astridoth. He is the wisest of the elemental Entity.

Nocterra - Entity of the Earth, he was the one who created the whole of the planet of Astridoth, as well as the continents and all of the major land masses and formations. 900 years ago, he ended the first mortal war by using his claws to shred apart the continent of Zenevia, and separate the warring factions.

Typheus - Entity of Beasts, created all the non-sentient life aside from plants on Astridoth. He ordered the world's animals, and fish, and created the delicate balance of nature with regards to how animals hunt, and keep the balance in an ecosystem.

Sylvarn - Entity of Nature, she created all of the plant life on Astridoth, thanks to her there is a constant renewable supply of oxygen, and a way to gather food from the earth without needing to kill for it.

Freynir - Entity of Glaciers, this Entity is responsible for the creation of Ice, and Cold. He created the northern tundra where the tribes that created Altarina live, as well as the southern Ice Caps. Freynir is by far the most dreadful of the Entities, he is selfish, proud, and believes that mortals should be eradicated. Because of this belief he split up the Entities into two opposing factions, taking with him Typheus, Nocterra, and Undalar, all of whom were of the same opinion that Mortals should not exist following the events of the first war.

Tiamat - Entity of the Sky. Tiamat is the Entity who created the blue skies over Astridoth, thanks to her there is an atmosphere, and clouds that bring rain down on the plant life to sustain it. She is beheld as the most important Entity with regards to the survival of life on the planet as without her clouds, the plants would dry up from Salamandra's Sun, and without the Atmosphere, the very same sun would turn all living things to ash.

Netharious - Entity of Life, responsible for personally crafting all of the various races from clay. Netharious breathed life into them and scattered them across Astridoth in hopes that there would be peace, and that the mortal races would provide good company for the entities. For a time he was, but something happened, a darkness creeped into their minds, and caused the first war. Now he works to cull the world of all life that he may appease his siblings. He has crafted an armor of demonic beings, and undead remnants of past creations to see this task through, yet he seemingly cannot fully snuff out the flames of life. Despite this, the mortals have no idea he is behind it all, and still praise him for creating life.

Ultirion - Entity of Death, and Shadows. Nothing much is known of this entity other than the fact that he is the one who carries mortal souls to the after life. He isn't worshiped by any race, and most don't even know who he is until their last moments. This has made him incredibly jealous of his kin, all of whom receive praise in some way or another. There is however something about this entity, and the things he has done that the other entities are not aware of.

Mortificus - Entity of the Damned. Mortificus is the ruler of the domain known as Gamorell, the realm where the damned souls go to be tortured for all of eternity by his dreaded Dreikari. Though some of history's most evil souls are personally tortured by Mortificus himself until the end of time.

Aelya - Entity of the Heavenbound. This entity is the one who watches over the souls of the pure who enter into heaven. She grants them eternal glory, and provides them with an after life of pleasures, and delights.


There will likely be more Entities in the future. As I create more, they will be added to this list.

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