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The Kingdom of Vividus

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The Kingdom of Vividus

Post by Kor on Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:44 pm

History and Details

The Kingdom of Vividus was formed some seven hundred and twelve years before the current era. Its formation was a rather strange union of various fiefdoms scattered along the lands surrounding the Narzaic – formerly a kingdom of its' own, now the capital of The Kingdom Of Vividus Roughly thirty fiefdoms came together under the rule of the monarchy of Narzaic. The reasoning behind such a gathering was simple. The lords of these fiefdoms were constantly at war, constantly destroying one anothers' lands, and ending entire lineages. The only one that could never be breached was Narzaic itself, and for this – despite many of the other lords having previously attempted to conquer the central kingdom, or coveting its regents, they respected the king of Narzaic. His wisdom kept his fiefdom from falling into enemy hands hundreds of times over a fifty year time line, and so the other lords agreed they would listen to what he had to say.

The king declared that all fiefdoms occupying land between the northern wastes, and the southern deserts should unite into one large kingdom. At first, the lords bickered. 'How could one king make such a strange suggestion?' They all thought to themselves as they began disagreeing on even the smallest things. The king of Narzaic however whose name was Mercurios Vanderbilt raised a single hand, and using a mystic aura, he decreed silence among the lords. In awe of his power, they hushed, and heard his words. His next decree was that all fiefdoms should unite under the banner of one flag, lest a more powerful foe appear to crush them. He acknowledged that there were a number of differences to put aside, and agreed that it would be difficult – but, if the lords could not get along, they would be destroyed. With that, all thirty lords sat at the table, and drafted a number of accords. Most importantly were the following two:

1. No Lord's Fiefdom will be expected to relinquish its flag, or its culture in the name of alliance. Fealty to the one great kingdom will allow for each fiefdom to operate as its own state, as long as the laws of the great kingdom are followed.
2. Each Lord will send a representative to the City-State of Narzaic in accordance with the great kingdoms' law. They will live in the city, and be treated with the same respect as the nobles of Narzaic. Together these thirty representatives will form the Senate of Narzaic, and they will represent each lord, and his people.

For the first forty-six years of this new nation's birth, things were not easy. Several rebellions plagued each lord, and civil wars were a commonality. Never the less, the king of Narzaic promised that he would guide the fiefdoms to a great future, and so he constantly sent support to suppress rebellions, and end civil wars, but most importantly; he gathered the leaders of opposing sides, and help them to negotiate terms that would make both sides of a conflict feel satisfied. For this, the lords honored the king. Even though he was a Sun Elf, the king was not immortal. Eventually he would pass away, and leave behind a son as his heir.

With a new king at the helm of the great kingdom, the lords grew restless. Would he be like his father? Would he disavow what his predecessor stood for? Neither. He was greater than his father. His court installed a number of associations designed to strengthen the might of the alliance, and help the people. Under him, the Ministry of Stellaroa was born, and the Knights of the Sacred Order were established. Under the second king, the Losa Incarna – formerly sworn enemies of the Sun Elves, became allies under the banner, and the kingdom was officially named “The Kingdom of Vividus”.

Some ninety years would pass, and the second king would die, leaving behind only his eldest daughter who would become the first queen of Vividus. Once again the lords were wary... Rightfully so, at that. It was rumored that the queen was ruthless, and unforgiving, and that she treated her allies as she did her enemies. Of course these things were all made up... A woman had never been seen to rule a throne before, and so her very appearance in the world seemed odd. How could a woman be as noble as her predecessor yet be a queen? Clearly there had to be foul play. The lords gathered in Narzaic to meet with her, and display their distrust for her. Fearing that her grandfather's kingdom would crumble, she took a bold action.

At a meeting, she removed the crown from her head. “This crown has been placed on the heads of those who are worthy, yet it finds itself on my head. I am not worthy – even if the honor was bestowed upon me as my father's dying wish, I am but a humble maiden surrounded by lions. If someone thinks themselves to be as noble, or kind as my father, and his father before him, then please- take this crown from me.”, these words would be forever etched into history as the words that saved Vividus from a full-scale civil war. The lords, who had come in hostility looked upon the queen and thought to themselves that a more noble heart could not exist. One who would so willingly relinquish her rule so that her kingdom would not crumble was the most honorable thing that could be done, and renewed their vows of loyalty to the flag of Vividus.

Since then, the kingdom has flourished. Under following rulers, magical academies would be established that served the purpose of higher learning, and becoming closer to the creators. The government has become more receptive to its people's opinions, and representation is exceptional. A number of programs aimed at developing less developed areas of the kingdom were initiated in the hopes of creating a world where all could prosper. Of course, history is stained in blood. The Losa Incarna – whose land is becoming too small for their population have begun encroaching on Altarina, and suffering many defeats at the hands of the more skilled warriors. To the south Durantal encroaches on the border along the mountain path that leads to Fury Spire, causing Las Demonerias to lash out at both the Vividus Border Guards, and the Durantalian invaders. Lastly, seeing it as the most advanced kingdom – Netharious' demonic armies have begun to wreak havoc on the people of Vividus. Is the near one thousand year old civilization coming to an end, or will there be peace once more?

Races commonly found in the Kingdom of Vividus: Humans, Losa Incarna, Las Demonerias, Sun Elves, Gear Wanderer, Dark Elves

Most common military units: Knights, Priests, Mages, Archers, Mounted Knights, Paladins, Hoplites, and Legionnaires.

Most common professions: Blacksmithing, Enchantment, Jewel Crafting, Scholar.

Current Ruler: (This character can be made by an experienced member of the Astridoth community, and thus the following place holder can change at any time.) Alduar Vanderbilt

Cultural Details

A kingdom of many different fiefdoms is often diversified in its culture. There is no truer example of this than in the Holy Kingdom of Vividus. While Chilvaric Codes dominate the landscape for how a knight should act, or how a noble man treats a fair maiden, it is in how each province of the capital interprets these things that makes them unique from one another. They all have their own sub-cultures. In the Daylight Capital of Narzaic, it is believed that the knight is the staunch guardian of all that is sacred and good. The Knights of the Sacred Order had become the shining example of this. Not only did they champion their Kingdom, but they championed all that was fair and just. No Evils would escape their sights, and they would bring the hammer of the law down upon those who would commit deeds of injustice against those who were too weak to protect themselves. So righteous were the Knights of the Sacred Order, that everyone in all of the Capital wished to be as they are. They had become the standard on how one should conduct oneself in the face of the adversities of life, and thus in the capital, most people were of a righteous and honorable coil.

This is not to say that others of other cities were the same, however. In some territories, strength was favored, and those who were weak were thrown to the side, and in others, a focus on enlightenment via learning and magic was the center of culture. Because of this, Vividus is truly a mixed bag of cultural diversity. One thing however, that unifies all the cultures, is a strong devotion to one particulate entity. Not just any, however. The people of Vividus worship the eldest, wisest of all the entities. Stellaroa. They erected massive monuments to her glory, as well as many churches and chapels where she is worshiped and her word is preached by those Priests of the Ministry. Indeed, the Ministry of Stellaroa unifies all cultures under the flag of Vividus. While they do not celebrate a particular holiday for a particular reason, the people of Vividus go to worship halls every week in order to receive her blessings.

Aside from religion, there is a heavy focus on the studies of Arcane Magic, Light Magic, and Literature. The people of Vividus believe that enlightenment through the expansion of one's mind is a most valuable thing that can be - at any given moment, the most powerful weapon in the world.

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