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Ormans Ode - Universe Details

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Ormans Ode - Universe Details

Post by Kor on Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:07 am


Örmans Ode is an extensive set of tales that chronicle the stories of a world centered around the creature Jörmungandr and her brood, most notably, Korsae Giovanna as well as her descendants, not just in blood but in spirit also. While the main characters of many of these epic sagas are those more closely related to the aforementioned individuals, there are tales contained within the pages of these stories that highlight the exploits of various heroes who are not as closely related, and existed in many different eras and nations.

The world of Örmans Ode is very similar to our own world, with only a number of revisions to historical events, and mysticism, as well as the inclusion of more than just human history. To this effect, major world events - Ragnarok, World War Two, The Punic Wars, The Hundred Years War, and many other events still occur as per our knowledge, save for instances where alternate tales are told (For example, when a character may experience different tellings of their histories, or different timelines.) Furthermore, the timeline of the Sagas start in the year 845 and end in the year 2136. As such, there is a large collective of stories told from nearly every imaginable time period since the formation of the European states.

Where culture is concerned, it must be noted that prior to the year 1509, the Norse Gods reigned supreme over the Earth, and all the universe. There are other godly pantheons involved in the workings of the Sagas, and they may have their own impact on different stories. The Sagas contain stories that occur in every geographical location, and impacted the history of the world contained within them. There is no shortage of tales told in the Orient, or in the Americas. It is not limited strictly to Norse Mythological Locales. Still, the more prominent tales feature some sort of ties to characters related to the World Eater and her kin.

It is Astrid La Korphira's most beloved creation in all the multiverse.


The rules of this universe are simple. Below, they are listed.

1. No character who was not previously affiliated with Project Zodiac, or the Fer De Lance may join the universe without the approval of the universe owner.

2. Where power is concerned, None may be stronger than a Demi-God. Spells that can eradicate more than small villages are disallowed, as stories of heroes and the challenges they face are not to be marred with overwhelming abilities that make them unstoppable.

3. Courtesy. Be courteous of all those who join the universe, and try to get along with them. If there is ever an issue, then it should be worked out in private, among the two parties. If not resolved that way, it will result in expulsion from the universe.

4. This universe not only operates by its own constraints, but by the constraints of the Korphire Multiverse. And thus, any who breaks the rules of the multiverse will be ejected.

5.  No player may take on the roles of Gods save for the following: Jörmungandr, Hel, and Fenrir. All other gods will be asked to join another universe that will be linked to this one at a later date.

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