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The Jade Empire - Sen Jian

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The Jade Empire - Sen Jian

Post by Kor on Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:45 pm

History and Details

The land of Jade! An Empire that has stood strong since the immediate years following the first war, and splintering of the world. It was founded by a man named Ming Yensong – a brave ruler, who through his wisdom, through his popular political decisions, rose to the status of “Emperor of all beneath Solis and Mwezi”. Through his leadership, all of the peoples of this large continent came together, most of them without resistance. Sen Jian was born by his hand.

For 850 years, Sen Jian held strong against a plethora of threats. Rebellions by the hands of those too greedy to concede the potential throne, assaults by outside attackers such as Orasei, Vividus, and Altarina, the deaths of many a ruler, several dynasties, and so on and so forth – never crumbling once under the weight of these various pressures. Its people had held a great deal of faith in their crown because of this very fact.

That however, changed, when the Emperor's three most favored generals turned on one another. In the North, Xi Jingsong and his troops turned their backs on the central forces of Lao Huangxing (who was suppressing rebels), and in the South, Liu Hebo began a campaign against the throne himself, claiming that the Emperor was unwise to appoint the other two generals, as they were incompetent! Unable to muster the forces to stop these the southern and northern armies from colliding into the capital, the Emperor, Xua Mengcao relied solely on General Lao to defend his capital.

The once stalwart Sen Jian had collapsed into a major Civil War. One that made the troubles of even Orasei look silly. What happens when three armies, all supported by warlords who had at one point been employed by the emperor fully, go to war? Not even the troubles of one hundred clans, all warring against one another, could compare to the might of organized armies clashing for utter domination!

Of course, there is one individual in a far off land who has stood to gain from this chaos. Their riches had supported the southern armies of Liu Hebo, and fueled the chaos further. Not knowing this, Lao, and Xi have each been forced to fight a war on two fronts, refusing to cooperate. Whatever is in store for Sen Jian, this war will devastate the land.

Races commonly found in Sen Jian: Sen Jian is a home mainly for Humans, and Moon Elves.

Most Common Military Units: Dao Swordsmen, Hua Bowmen, Halberd Cavalry – Lingxen, Sun Mages, Moon Mages.

Most Common Professions: Calligraphy, Artistry, Scholarship, Blacksmith, Carpentry, Agriculture.

Current Ruler: Emperor Xua Mengcao of the Shen Dynasty.

Cultural Details

Sen Jian, a land located far to the east of the world, is a country that devotes itself to the worship not just of the Entities, but also to the spirits, Solis and Mwezi. During the Summer Solstice, a great festival is held named “Tàiyáng de róngyào”, meaning “Sun's Glory”. In this time, all of the Artisans and Blacksmiths gather together with the Carpenters to build a massive tower. In this tower, the architectural designs are meant to emulate the light of day constantly for one week. Within the great tower, many attractions are held. Games where children shoot fake bows and arrows at moving pots in an effort to knock them down and obtain prizes, places for the elderly to play their board games, and even theater shows depicting Solis' intervention in the war against Altarina.

During the Winter Solstice, a different Festival his held names “Yuèliàng de ēndiǎn”, or, “Moon's Grace”, which is dedicated to the Moon Spirit, Mwezi. During this festival, farmers take what surplus they have of cattle of harvest, and donate it to local chefs, who in turn cook a great feast. During these feasts, musicians play their wind instruments for the last time before putting them away for the cold months – often playing melodies of melancholy, as a way to express their love of playing their instrument, and their sadness for having to halt for a time. Children are taught the dance of starry skies, in which they are told that they too could harness the strength of Mwezi and bestow happiness on others. (though this is no more true than a magic man who gives gifts to others.)

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