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Great Orasei

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Great Orasei

Post by Kor on Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:13 pm

History and Details

Once upon a time, the land of Orasei was but a number of tribes with their own cultures, and laws. Many wars were fought for land between the different tribes over the course of a long three hundred and ten years. For the majority of that history, the Korgar tribes, and Salamandrite tribes dominated over the weaker Human, and Fox-kin tribes. For a time, it seemed as these more brutal tribes would take over the continent, and lead a tribal Orasei into the future. Alas, knowing what their fate would be, the humans, and fox-kin came together in defense of their land against the Korgar brutes, and Salamandrite warriors. At first their alliance was still unable to do much against the opposition, however as time progressed, the Salamandrite, and Korgar did not advance in their methods, and tools, yet the alliance did.

Weapons of iron, and steel were forged that could penetrate the scales of a Salamandrite, and sever the tough muscles of a Korgar with the proper technique. Armors forged of tiles, and various light metals were durable enough to defend against the savage assaults of the enemy. Lastly, superior strategy became their ultimate weapon against the brutes who up until now had merely used basic raiding tactics to wreak havoc upon the alliance settlements. It was at this time that the first military commanders of Orasei came into power as leaders of their clans, and as they conquered the Korgar, and the Salamandrites, Orasei began to know some semblance of peace in this world of constant fighting.

Eventually the tribal wars would end, and one hundred clans still left over from the previous fighting would sign a treaty of non-aggression. They believed that the Entities had chosen one among them to be the emperor of all the lands under the eastern sun. That Emperor was Date Masahide – a human man who seemed so wise that all other Clan Leaders and generals were but children in the face of his wisdom. His reign would see one hundred territories carved out within the realm where each warlord would rule his clan, and a set amount of land. The larger clans would be granted twenty thousand homesteads, while smaller ones would be granted a mere five thousand – yet while the emperor reigned, the clans obeyed; albeit through a tense relationship.

With time, the circle of life would claim Date Masahide, leaving only his eleven year old son Date Hideki. During this time, the Emperor's vassals devised a plan to take power away from the Emperor, and divvy it up among themselves. They began inviting the warlords of each clan to Orasei City, the capital of the realm, and making deals with them to take power from the emperor until the job of Emperor meant nothing. Of course, this led to even more tensions among the warlords. A council was established where all the clans would send their representatives to decide how politics in Orasei would continue; but even this didn't exactly work.

Eventually, the Entity of Flames – Salamandra, would notice the turmoils of the mortal realm, and decided to intervene. He searched through the lands for the most noble heart among men, and eventually he came across Sakata Jotou – the then head of the Sakata Clan. Salamandra had witnessed the man give a starving woman, and child his own meal so they would not go hungry while he journeyed to the capital, knowing he would not be able to eat for the rest of the day. Truly a noble heart he possessed. Before the head of the clan could arrive in Orasei City, the Dreikari Entity revealed himself in a mortal form, and granted the Sakata clan a boon. Two blades to be held by its leader, one to protect, and one to avenge. The Blade of Sacred Fire, and The Blade of Purgatory Fire. He then gave Sakata Jotou a seal, and through the command of an Entity, he appointed the Sakata as The Guardian Clan.

The Guardian Clan arrived in Orasei City, and their presence alone, with their seal was enough to quell any disarray. A clan so mighty that an Entity would offer his aid? None dared to threaten the safety of the capital as long as the Guardian Clan was there. Eventually, the Sakata Clan would give up their home in the distant southern lands, and make a home in the capital where they would hold peace for the next two hundred years. Of course outside of the capitals some clans did have their skirmishes, and fights over land. For the most part, Orasei was well.

Thirty years ago, a mad man by the name of Kosui Kokatsu used his connections in Orasei City to poison the figure head emperor, and appoint himself the head of the council; causing the one hundred clans to go to war with one another. Little by little he began to dismantle the council that was created, and the wary Sakata clan began to speak out against him. Fearing retaliation from the Guardian Clan, Kokatsu Kosui secretly brought his troops into the city, and led a covert operation which saw the Sakata clan be slaughtered while they slept. Some tried to fight, but with their leader killed early in the night, and the Blade of Sacred Fire being stolen by the enemy, they were no match. Only one survivor got away in secret, and took the Blade of Purgatory Fire with them. Since then, twenty-eight clans have been eliminated in an all out war, and many have sought to attain glory for their name in campaigns that would lead them to the capital where the first shogunate would be installed.

Races commonly found in Orasei: Human, Korgar, Salamandrite, Kitsune, Aduma.

Most Common Military Units: Samurai, Cavalry, Ninja, Onmyoji (Spirit Summoning Mages), Shrine Maidens (Healers), Korgar Berserker, Salamandrite Warrior.

Most Common Professions: Divination, Blacksmithing, Animal Husbandry, Military Scholar.

Current Ruler: (This Character is most certainly subject to change, and will be replaced by either an experienced member of the universe, or an NPC at the end of the Shattered Alliance story.) Kosui Kokatsu.

Cultural Details

Once upon a time, Orasei's culture was heavily predicated on the belief that one should find their inner peace. Many great lords believed that enlightening oneself, and finding the inner peace required to live a life free of pain was the most noble endeavor one could ever embark upon. Unfortunately, this ideal led to a dangerous situation. A time where the lords of many provinces began to dedicate their time to their enlightenments, and left their people behind. This led to a rise of a warrior culture. The Emperor was usurped, and replaced by a warrior lord known as a Shogun. This warrior culture has continued for many, many years. This lead to a unification of sorts, however. For a time, the many clans and warrior lords of Orasei came together in alliance. They recognized that there are greater threats to their land than they themselves. Five Hundred Years of Prosperity began. In those five hundred years, the people of Orasei worshiped Salamandra, the Entity of Flames. They believed that it was by his right of power that he had given the warrior lords what they needed in order to conquer the weaker lords who'd gone off on a quest for the opium that is enlightenment.

Every Kujoki (Counter to real world October), the people of Orasei gathered in the capital city of the same name for the sake of a great celebration in Salamandra's honor. They crafted masks that resembled beasts and spirits and wore them as they danced throughout the capital. On this day, the people of the nation invited the animals of the forests, mountains, and oceans, as well as the spirits of those dearly departed to celebrate with them a great day of unity among their people and country. Incidentally, in these five hundred years of prosperity, the people of Orasei became very interested in more artistic pursuits. They became greatly interested in simplistic art, often using it to tell stories without words. Poetry became a great practice among the people of Orasei, and some of the greatest poems ever written in Astridoth were written by Orashien poets. Lastly, Music and theatre also took an important role. Often times, plays were used to re-enact the stories of the great tribal wars, or the unification of Orasei.

However... Since Kokatsu Kosui has taken the reigns of the nation, and split the alliance up into many warring clans once more, the holiday is uncelebrated, and these artistic values are being diminished by a sea of blood and constant warfare.

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