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The Divine Sphere - Korphirea!

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The Divine Sphere - Korphirea!

Post by Kor on Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:25 am


The Divine Sphere. A world made by The Korphire Multiverse's council of creation. In this world, all of the pantheon across the vast universes exist. Even those who spend their times in their respective universes exist here and are drawn to here. From the Entities of Astridoth, to the Mystics of Örmans Ode - they all come to this realm and exist in their truest forms in this realm, as equals to one another. It is in this realm where the deities of the multiverse meet with one another, and discuss the ways to govern their worlds.

Korphirea itself is a creation of Dimintas, which is strange in that he is seen as the destroyer. He made it with the intention of giving the pantheons a place to convene, and share wisdom. If Astrid and Dimintas were great enough that they could know all of the Multiverse's secrets, then surely those who were created by them and made of their essences could one day attain the same power.

Of course, Dimintas never shared his reasoning with Astrid. His true desire? To spawn a creature that would be equal to himself and his sister. One that would bring a new meaning to their existence when the time came that the multiverse bored them. And so, only time can tell what will result of this ambition.

As it stands, Korphirea is but a place for all the Multiverse's gods - save for those who created the multiverse, to exist and observe their worlds and others.


The rules of this space are incredibly simple. Below they are listed.

1. The Sphere is near indestructible. If all of the gods in the multiverse save for the Council of Creation, were to direct all their power into destroying the universe, they would not leave even a scratch. The reason it is "Near" indestructible is because Astrid, Dimintas, and their pantheon could easily destroy it.

2. This place is barred under similar constraints to the Korphire Multiverse.

3. There may be only one of each God in this universe.

4. One must seek permission from the universe owner to join this universe.

5. Only one universe per God in this Multiverse. For example, no God can join both Astridoth, and Örmans Ode.

6. There are exceptions to rule 3, but only if the currently existing copy of a God is not part of the dominant force of the universe. For example - there may be two Zues in the world if one exists in Örmans Ode, as that universe is a world dominated by Norse Gods, where other pantheons are but Mystics and not Divine Gods.

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