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Imperial Durantal

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Imperial Durantal

Post by Kor on Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:14 pm

History and Details

When Nocterra split the continents apart in the aftermath of the First Mortal War, one land mass remained that was much larger than the rest. This central continent would become embattled for centuries to come, and as the dust settled, two major nations would be born. The first was the Holy Kingdom of Vividus, which was formed through thirty fiefdoms and more lesser lords joining together, to create one glorious nation. The second was Altarina, a smaller northern nation formed by those lords of the Halestrom Estate who refused to become of the same ilk as the Holy Kingdom. Alas, these two nations were not the only ones that would come to be of prominence in this land. No, one grand empire, greater than all opposing kingdoms and countries would come to rise from the ashes of the first war that would lay claim to the world itself.

Once part of a larger group consisting of armies from now Xenevir, and Orasei, the southern lands had been split from their allies - their aid cut off by the hand of the earthen entity. Knowing that they had been severely weakened by this, and that via the intervention of an entity the great war gad ended - the southern armies saw only one recourse. To join together. This however would prove incredibly difficult, as uniting so many generals under one banner without a war to hold them together would prove to be a monumental task. Still, a loose union had been decided upon.

At first they named themselves, The Southern Armies of Duran, in honor of a general who led their forces during the great first war. And for some two hundred years, through military might alone, the southern armies managed to control the south, and keep it secured. This however was not destined to be so forever. At some point, simple militant rule would prove to be a major hindrance as the kingdom to the north, Vividus, began to encroach on southern lands. Without a central leadership system, each army did as their generals pleased, and often times found themselves in conflict or dispute with one another, causing the north to gain grounds in the south. This caused a major civil war in the southern lands that kept even the north from continuing to invade. Several warlords each with large armies broke off into a number of city-states and began to war with one another. It was pandemonium...

All this would change, however, when a single general - Menacles, claiming to be a descendant of the great Duran, and the rightful heir of house Duran. At first, none believed his outrageous claim! How could some unknown general be the descendant of the great leader who led the armies unilaterally during the first war? They would soon come to know. His army was smaller than the rest, yet through his superior tactics, and his more easily supplied troops, Menacles of Duran led the most successful military campaign in mortal history to conquer the other armies of the nation. His unrivaled ability to lead his military eventually caused all the generals to have faith in Menacles, and join him upon being defeated in battle. Soon enough, he conquered all the lands of the Southern armies, and so Durantal was born.

To this day, Durantal has remained a military centered Empire, where while there is no obligation for anyone to join the military - those who served are treated with a special honor that the normal members of society do not receive. Throughout a six hundred or so year existence, Durantal has spent a multitude of resources boosting their military power - crowning those who excel as Heroic Champions, and granting those who are talented soldiers a great deal of focus, and care. There have been many wars throughout the centuries, but currently, Durantal is attempting to conquer the great continent, and defeat both the Holy Kingdom of Vividus, and Altarina. Their Emperor rules with a very strong military mentality, and those within the kingdom who go against the glory of the warrior, and do things like form gangs, or crime rings are ordered to be executed by him. Recently, Durantal has subjugated a single Sky Dreikari, and given its power to Talia Argyros.

Races commonly found in Durantal: Humans, Las Demonerias, Korgar, Cait Sith

Most common military unit: Alchemic Mages, Akroplic Legionnaires, Therapolous Elephant Cavalry, Durantalian Hoplites, Assassins, Warriors, Archers.

Most common professions: Weapons forgery, armor crafting, carpentry, metal working, agriculture.

Current Ruler: Alexis Illioupoulos of Duran (Currently Ill), Cyneas Demopolous of Duran (interim ruler and crown prince acting as Emperor Basileus Archimandrite)

Cultural Details

Durantal's culture is heavily based off of those things represented by the Emperor's own ways. Honor, Glory, Lawfulness, and Valor. Most of the inhabitants who lived in Durantal strive to obtain some measure of personal glories before death. Often times, it is seen on the battlefield. The Empire is known for its large armies, and great soldiers. A strong emphasis is put on the meaning of walking the path of a warrior, and what it means to be a warrior in general. Everyone who takes up the flag of Imperial Durantal and flies it on the battlefield in some way shape or form understands what those things are - even if it is interpreted through a personal ideology, or one passed down through their families. For example, Tali Argyros believes that a warrior is one who endures all of the difficulties of life without wavering, but rather by overcoming them. She believes that the warrior's spirit should remain forever unbroken, and that the path walked by one is a life long journey with no true ending where one learns to balance the wonders and terrors of life. Ideals like these are what the men and women who march onto the battlefield for their Empire believe in, and live for.

In terms of religion, Durantal's people are known to worship Tiamat, the Entity of the Skies. Every year, the Military dedicates one week of festivities to her, where they do not engage enemies in battle, and are typically left unprovoked by their enemies as well. During this time, they dance, drink, sing, and feast in honor of the one who created the vast blue skies that mortals look up at during the day and night. There is a tradition where the soldiers stab their weapons into the earth and tag them with scrolls at the handles. Each scroll contains a prayer to the Sky Entity, and a piece of their warrior's ideology. They know that Tiamat is a peace loving goddess, but also understands that mortals have a code of their own. They send her a prayer, hoping for a day to come when the honor of a warrior transcends the battlefield and can reach all those who live, and also send their ideology in hopes of reaching her spirit that she may grant them, or their families a fortunate life. The civilians have a different celebration altogether. Seeing as how Tiamat's skies and clouds are also responsible for the rains that give the land a great harvest, the civilians reap their crops - finding the greatest of their fruits and vegetables. In the cases of those who are not involved in agriculture, they purchase the best they can find on the market place. Then those harvested fruits and vegetables are brought to the centers of each city, and offered to Tiamat as a thanks for her blessings. The celebrations take place in the second week of the month of Menadeus (Counterpart to real world June.)

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