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Race Creation Sheet

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Race Creation Sheet

Post by Kor on Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:05 pm

This Article is going to be a guideline for players who wish to create a race for the universe of Astridoth. The following will consist of a character sheet-like categories to be filled out by the race's creator, and submitted to the universe creator. It should be noted that all Races created under this universe not only belong to it's creator, but to the Universe Creator as well.

Race Name:(What is your Race known as?)
Cultural Details:(What is the culture of this race like? What do they Celebrate? What do they do at gatherings? What do they believe in? Be very detailed here.)
Most Common Place of Residence:
Proficiencies:(What is this race good at?)
Deficiencies:(What is this race bad at?)
Description of Race Appearance:
Race History:(Note: All Races were created by Netharious, and as such, any creation myth about the race must include him. Other than that, knock yourself out, and make sure it fits in universe.)
Mating Habits:(How does your race continue on? Don't put details on how they physically mate, but rather how they acquire mates, and if there is marriage, or mating seasons.)
Familial Habits:(How does your race treat the family? How does it raise the young?)
Societal Habits:(Is your race one that creates bustling societies, with laws, and structure, or are they lone wolves, who only gather for mating, and fighting?)
Dietary Habits:(What do the people in your race eat? Are they hunters? Gatherers? Agricultural? Do they eat meat, or are they vegitarian? Do they even need sustenance of this variety?)

Below is an Example of a race I created to be used as a guideline.

Race Name: Korgar

Cultural Details: The Korgar are bound by a code of honor, one that dictates how they conduct themselves mainly in battle. Outside of this the Korgar worship only one Dreikari Entity, specifically Salamandra, and they celebrate the Flame Father by holding festivals once every season to show thanks for the warmth of fire. These festivals are really the only time of year where one gets to see what Korgar Culture is like, as usually they prefer to avoid contact with other races. During the festivals, they wear colorful masks that resemble fire spirits, dance to the sounds of large drums, and feast upon large animals that were captured in the area. The head of the Korgar tribe will then order his warriors to bring him the head of a wyvern, and they offer it up in a massive pyre to Salamandra. They believe that doing this will make the Dreikari Entity happy, and thus he will continue to provide them with warmth, as well as a means to cook food for the next season.

Most Common Place of Residence: The Korgar live in Orasei exclusively. Ever since the first war, they have been hiding from human eyes in this war torn nation.

Proficiencies: Combat, blacksmithing, hunting.

Deficiencies: Academia, engineering, agriculture, diplomacy.

Description of Race Appearance: The Korgar are tall brutish beings with crimson red skin, and golden eyes. Female Korgar are born with two large horns that curl up into swirls on their foreheads, and males are born with one large horn that becomes sharp like a blade as they mature. They can grow to be eight feet tall in height for the females, and eight and a half feet tall for the males. Aside from their crimson skin, they also have patterns emblazoned on their bodies in a multitude of colors. They have large hands and feet, with the females having claws on their fingers, and talons on their toes. Male Korgar have broad shoulders, and large arms, while females have more narrowed shoulders with their large arms. Their front teeth are all razor sharp, as they are needed for ripping through the meat of their prey, and they have two fangs on each row of teeth. On the females these fangs protrude from the upper row of teeth and sit outside of the mouth even when closed, for males the bottom fangs do the same.

Race History: Their creation was standard in that they were forged from clay given to Netharion by Nocterra. Back during the first war, and the splintering of the kingdom of Xenevia, the Korgar were the first creatures to rush into battle. They terrorized the lines, and were seemingly on the verge of conquering everything if not for the engineering feats of humans, as well as the magical feats of the elven clans. Prior to the war they were able to convene, and showed a great affinity towards diplomacy, though it seems that this will never be recovered.

Mating Habits: The Korgar usually mate seasonally, though they are not polyamorous. Once a Korgar has chosen it's partner, that is a life partner; though they will only mate during the mating season.

Familial Habits: As previosly mentioned, Korgar only mate with one other member of their species. The children of the Korgar however are usually cast out of their parents dens once they hit the age of fifteen. From this point on, they are not considered family, but rather allies for battle should there ever be a war, and are treated more like a close friend, than a son or daughter.

Societal Habits: As far as the other races of Astridoth know, the Korgar are very exclusive in who they allow into their societies. Most of the time a tribe of Korgar consists of fifty or so members, and rarely grows from that. Every member of the tribe has a duty to the tribe, and is expected to perform it. For example, there are some members that are meant solely to protect the tribe's home grounds, others are sent off to hunt for the tribe, and others are kept at the tribe to care for the young, as well as to make preparations for a nightly feast. During the Festival of Salamandra, the Korgar sometimes allow members of other tribes to come together with them, and in extremely rare cases, they have allowed members of other races to sit in on their festivities. They speak their own language among each other known as Gar'thak, but are also well versed in the language of Orasei, which is Orashinian.

Dietary Habits: The Korgar are strictly carnivorous. They only eat meat, as they do not know how to grow crops, and gathering whatever berries, and herbs they could find in a war torn country would not be enough to sustain them. What they hunt is usually dependent on the season, for example in the winter they hunt for Wyrms because they provide the most meat, and in some cases might even allow the hunters a day's respite, they also hunt Dire Wolves, for their pelts as well as their meat. In the summer they will hunt for foxes, and in the spring and fall they hunt for Spring Rabbits, and Bears.

Please use the above race sheet as a guideline when creating your own race.

Note: All races that are created using this sheet MUST be sent to me for approval.

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