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Paradise Xenevir

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Paradise Xenevir

Post by Kor on Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:47 pm

Long ago, the world was broken by the wrath of the Earthen Entity, Nocterra. His claws bore deep into the world... He tore land asunder, allowing water to fill the gaps and separate those who lived upon it. Astridoth reeled in pain as its body was sundered and splintered by its own creators. Of course, if the great Father of Earth had not intervened, the world would have been destroyed by her own children. Indeed, the once bountiful paradise that was Astridoth's only continent, Xenevia, had been ravaged by a plague that no entity had ever predicted. A war with no cause. It was as though the mortals of Astridoth - creatures of every race and all walks of life, who at one point lived together in harmony, had turned on one another without cause. The entities had to intervene... Their world was being ruined by those much smaller and weaker than they. And so, without so much as a word of warning, he did it. Nocterra splintered Xenevia into five continents.

Among the continents was one that had been inhabited by a faction of those southern warriors who'd been separated from their allies. They had been mortals of great hubris and arrogance, and believed themselves to be the true people of Xenevia after it had been split. This belief stemmed from the fact that none would dare take the name of Xenevia as their country's banner ever again after scorning those who created them. Not these islanders, however. No, they would be as bold as they'd been for many moons. They stared into the night sky and laughed at those who looked down at them and laughed as they declared their kingdom. "Xenevir!", they said. "Xenevir!", they chanted. "Xenevir!", they cheered. Thus the islands south of the greater continent, and the smaller continent they orbited had come to be known as the Kingdom of Xenevir. Named in defiance of the penitence that the great Nocterra who'd separated them from their kin.

Unlike the other kingdoms of Astridoth, Xenevir did not need a great civil war, or a grand conflict, or any sort of diplomatic union of grand leaders to organize the kingdom. No, Xenevir had already been somewhat united by the lavish and luxurious rulers that had occupied the land prior to the split. These kings and queens, known as the Ahnkunaden, who were so magnificent in their every way, had come to reign in those below them with grace, elegance, vanity, and wisdom. They sat upon great thrones of gold and myrrh, and wore garbs of the finest silks and adornments, and were named after grand treasures. They embodied the things that all people wished for. They were greedy, not because they were evil, but because if there was no one to take upon that desire for wealth and power, then who would there be to follow? The Ahnkunaden were wealthy, and powerful indeed. They had great carriages, not pulled by horses, but rather carried by the ones who served them. They lived in epic palaces made of sandstone, gold, myrrh, and gems, that not only housed them, but all the treasures one's mind could ever imagine! Merely looking upon the Ahnkunaden was something that the people of Xenevir greatly adored.

The terrain of the land was hot. It was a desert as one neared the inland, though in truth, it was a paradisical and tropical land surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in all of Astridoth. It was a place where many races gathered in awe of the Ahnkunaden and their marvelous lifestyles. One full of natural treasures that could be exploited by the mortals who lived there and used as bargaining chips. Its people were ones who wore very little clothing - not out of a desire for lustful experiences, but rather to guard against the intense heat felt in the deserts. By the beach, there were lush forests that lined the islands and provided a natural defense against invaders, while the beaches themselves were coated in the purest of white sands on the main land, and the darkest of black sands (filled with dark magic energies) on the southern island, and northern island.

Its capital was named New Xenevia. A symbol of the re-establishment of a land meant to embody everything that once was, prior to the splintering. It was there that all of the Ahnkunaden enjoyed their extravagant lives. It was an oasis of sorts, surrounded by water, though ruled by the desert sands. The great palaces of the country's rulers were built here - creating the most wondrous of cities in the whole of Astridoth. It was said that these sandstone castles were erected by Nocterra himself, though this was untrue.

Races commonly found in Xenevir: Humans, Iefyr, Korgar, Aduma, Gear Wanderers.

Most Common Military Units: Dark Mages, Khopesh Swordsmen, Hittite Lancer, Hykos Berserker, Assassins, Archers.

Most Common Professions: Gold mining, Architecture, Jewel crafting, Hunting.

Current Ruler: Queen Kaluht-Djin-Sabiri, Ahkunaden of Rubies.

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