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The Land of Xenevia and The Splintering

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The Land of Xenevia and The Splintering

Post by Kor on Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:04 pm

attempts of their brethren, and so The Dreikari Entities suffered a schism that would never be corrected.

As the war raged on, the body count increased exponentially, but more importantly the earth had begun to be marred by the combat, scarred by fire. It was at this time that the Elves who were exceptionally talented with the magical arts began to seal off the forests through the use of various forms of Mageia, creating strongholds that not even the mightiest of warriors could breach. Humans who had become competent with just about every form of combat, and skill had begun to overturn the Korgar assaults with superior strategy, greater numbers, and a variety of different fighting styles that eventually overwhelmed the larger foes. This however would not bring peace to the land, as other races began to notice how strong the Humans were becoming, all took up arms of their own. For ten years, peace was lost, and the greatest kingdom that ever existed waned. In a last ditch effort the Circle of Leaders convened for the last time, each offering a solution to the conflict. They unanimously reached the conclusion that they should seek out the Dreikari, and ask of them to provide a solution. Yet they hadn't even the slightest idea that the Dreikari were not as they once were, and that they had gone their own ways, so they performed a communication ritual, and for some time there was no voice reaching out to them. This made them feel uneasy, and now the once wise leaders of Zenevia turned on one another, splitting not just themselves up, but the armies they commanded.

One hundred years passed by, yet the end of the war was not in sight at all, in fact it looked as though it would rage on for centuries on end. The world was scarred, and fields were incinerated, at this point, enough was enough. Nocterra, who created the earth that makes up Astridoth intervened, with a beat of his wings he scattered the battlefields, sending the troops far away from one another, so that their conflict would end. But this was not enough, Nocterra knew that just a bit of distance between warriors would not stop the conflict, so what he did next was meant to instill true fear into the mortals who had done so much damage to his world. His massive claws split Zenevia into five large masses of land, separating not just race, but kingdoms as well. This was the splintering. The remaining continents would be known as Orasei, Xenevir, Durthal, Sen Jian and, Fiorenta, and through his rage, the war ended. The mortals began to convene and seek peace, knowing that they had angered the creator of the world they lived on, and showing remorse for it. And so, through much work, and many years, peace was established again, and the various races of the world began to intermingle. But with the rise of kingdoms, and the desire for power, this newly established peace is yet fragile... Only time will tell how long it shall last.

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