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The Ordering of Astridoth

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The Ordering of Astridoth

Post by Kor on Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:00 pm

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then from that nothingness, from the empty void that was existence, she was born. Her name was Astrid, an anomaly like no other before her. Where there was once nothing, no chaos, no order, no light, no darkness; suddenly all of these things were now there. The Goddess quickly came to realize what she was, how she came to be, and learned through her foresight what would happen should she come to create the world. For eons she pondered what she would do, some ten million years had passed; finally, she made her decision, and with that she began to create. However, she did not create the world; no. For she knew that if she were to create all things, that her own creations would become fanatics, and the blood of her children would be spilled in her name, and she was a loving goddess who would see no such thing happen on her account. No, instead she created The Dreikari Entities; powerful winged reptiles, each made to fulfill a portion of creation. What the entities did not know however, was that they were birthed by Astrid, instead they believed that they came from nothing, never even getting to meet their mother.

Immediately The Dreikari set to work. First they formed a void; a space that was filled with nothing but the emptiness of the current reality. Outside of the light that was given off from The Dreikari's souls, there was only darkness. This vast expanse went on for a limitless, and immeasurable distance; this infinite space became the canvas that the world would be painted on. Stellaroa, the Dreikari Entity of Light then set upon the task of illuminating what was once blackness, and filling it with brightness. The Dreikari Entity then called upon her brothers and sisters to share with her the very luminosity of their souls, and so they did. With that, she swung her mighty claw, and scattered the light of the Dreikari souls, painting the vast, and empty void with specs of light that would illuminate the cosmos; they were called "Stars". Now that the task of creating the cosmos was completed, The Creators went on to their next task; creating a world to reside in.

With a location in the center of the void called space, Nocterra, the Earthen Dreikari Entity began the arduous task of creating earth for this planet. When Nocterra opened his maw, the earth flowed from it, forming a molten bar. With the building block created, Nocterra convened with the other Dreikari, he sought their approval on his architectural plans for their home, and with it he prepared for the task of shaping it. Through his mighty talons and claws, Nocterra reshaped the bar into an orb, but the orb was yet too hot; if one would walk on it they would alter the shape of the orb, and so the Dreikari began to beat his wings. As he beat his wings a great gust was born; one that would cool the orb into a solid mass of earth that could now withstand the foot steps of these titanic creatures. With this done he completed his work by crafting the mighty mountains, the deep basins, and the vast continents; so with this task completed the Entities set upon their next two tasks.

Salamandra, and Undalar, entities of Fire and Water respectively, became the first opposing forces to inhabit the land. Undalar descended first to this new land. When the mighty entity exhaled, the oceans were born from his breath. The vast gorges between the continents became failled with the water Undalar exhaled, and thus the oceans of the world were born. From the ocean's waters the rivers carved into each continent were filled with their water, and the lakes, and ponds took form, and painted the once blank canvas with the colors of water. When Salamandra came down from the void her came to the conclusion that an endless night time would not be ideal for his home, and so with his fiery burst breath he created a ball of light and heat that tripled the world in size. This ball became the sun, and from it the day. With these tasks completed the two perched themselves in their new homes, Salamandra in the mouth of a volcano, and Undalar in the center of the world's oceans.

Now the world was nearly completed, Tiamat, the Dreikari of the sky created the blue skies, and the clouds. Freynir, Dreikari of Ice, and Cold, created the caps of Ice which would provide the mighty reptile his home. Sylvarn created the trees and the plants, and breathed into them life. Typheus the Dreikari Entity, Father of all beasts, then created the beasts of the earth, and the fish of the seas, gifting them with instincts to know how to hunt, and survive without his guidance. Then there was one last task to complete and that was to give life to lesser Dreikari, ones who would regulate the flow of nature while the creators watched from their homes, and with this completed so was the world. The Dreikari now laid upon the world which they had named Astridoth content with their creations.

As the years passed however, one Dreikari felt as though the work of these legendary creatures was not complete. He questioned the purpose of this miraculous and wonderful world, if only Dreikari were sentient, and free willed. For some twenty thousand years, he pondered this, and like Astrid before him, he decided to create lesser beings to roam this world. His name was Netharious and he was the Dreikari of Life. At last while his brethren lay sleeping, he began to work molding from clay the various races of the land, and giving them each their special traits. Each figure he created was different from the last, each race unique in it's own right; and when the time was right he would present them to the his fellow creators. Pleased with the Life Giver's work the Dreikari gave him their blessing as a whole, and Netharious breathed the air of life into each figure before scattering them across the world. With this final duty complete, the Dreikari laid to rest once more, and have been watching the world, and all the mortals in it since times unknown.

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