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The Demonology of Astridoth

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The Demonology of Astridoth

Post by Kor on Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:59 pm

One thousand years ago, the world stood still for nearly a century as the mortal races - corrupted by a dark influence unknown, warred with one another for supremacy over the world. Their battle was one for the ages, as the world was scarred by flames, and stained by blood. Seeing no end in sight to this bloody war, the Entity who shaped the world, Nocterra, used his earth rending claws to split the once massive continent of Xenevia into five smaller continents in an effort to separate those mortals who were destroying Astridoth with their war. This action caused a rift between the entities. There were those who believed that divine intervention in mortal affairs was wrong, and that while granting blessings, and giving the mortals some measure of strength, directly having a hand in any conflict among them should be forbidden. Opposing them were those who believed that direct intervention as a method of protecting their creation was the correct thing to do.

Seeing the conflict that embroiled not only his creations - the mortal races, but also his siblings, Netharious, the Father of Life began to feel an intense guilt in his very being. After several months locked away in his dwelling, Netharious came up with a solution. He did not wish to anger the Entity of Light, Stellaroa, and her sympathizers, nor did he wish to turn his back on The Entity of Earth, and his sympathizers, and so he created an anti-thesis to life. He spent seven days crafting the various faces of Mortality's demise. His belief was that the mortals he created were imperfect, and thus their creation was a mistake. With that belief in mind, Netharious created the Demonic Armies. They were his soldiers meant to hunt down any living thing, and eradicate it. Mighty, and relentless, the demons were born with a natural desire to harm Mortals. In a moment of merciful guilt however, Netharious granted the demons the same free will, and range of emotions that he grave to the mortals he so regretted creating. The one thing that truly separated the demons from the mortals was that once their task - that being the extinction of mortal life, was completed, they would simply disappear from the world.

The first demon was dubbed their Emperor. He was given ten thousand years to see the completion of the ordeal which saw the demon's creation. If in ten thousand years he failed, a new Demon Emperor would be appointed by the previous, and the ordeal would continue until all mortals were exterminated, whether it took one day, or one million years. Along with the right to rule, the Emperor was gifted the right to call upon four lords - four demons who he would appoint, and grant great power to. Once a demon became one of the four lords, their life was bound to the Emperor's to live as long as he, or until they died in battle.

All demons were wise to the fate they all shared at the end of their mission. For a time, they happily accepted it, but as they continued to roam the world of Astridoth, they became attached. They did not wish to disappear from the world at the end of the ordeal. Their hearts were filled with a sort of strife at the thought of their end. To remedy the situation, the Emperor came up with a plan. 'Become a God', he said. He said he would spend his days searching for a way to become as mighty as an Entity that he may save his kin from their destiny. His only request is that his people fight the mortals into a stalemate, never gaining enough ground to win, and never losing enough ground to be defeated. He swore that so long as his existence lasted, he would seek ways to become a god, and liberate his people - no matter what the cost. This gave the demons hope that their existences wouldn't be wasted when the ordeal was complete. They believed in their Emperor, and pledged everlasting loyalty to him...

Eventually, as the centuries came and went, the Emperor discovered that it was truly impossible for anyone to reach the Entities... No being could ever hope to become as strong as the creators. It drove him mad for a time, but he swore to his people that the time would come when they were free of their fate! There was only one way to continue. He lied to his kin. Telling them that each passing day he took one step closer on the journey towards Deification. Even if this was far from the truth, if he could stall his people and keep them from completing the ordeal, then they would not need to disappear as per Netharious' plans... And so, the demons challenged their creator's plans.

Demonic Classifications

The Demon Emperor: The Demon Emperor is one of a kind. Currently, the demonic armies are ruled by the First Demon Emperor who was spawned 900 years ago. As the Emperor, the Demon Emperor has the ability to take any form among the various classifications of Demons, and is genderless - though at most times he takes the male form. His life span is 10000 years, and he easily outlives all demons of any class. In addition to being able to take the form of any of the other classifications, he can also command any of the conventional demonic magics, and abilities that his kin hold - though he cannot use abilities learned by demons that are not standard to their classes. In addition to this, the Demon Emperor chooses his next in line. If 10000 years go by, and the ordeal is not complete, he passes his demon orb onto a chosen successor, and that successor will take on the duty of the Emperor. Lastly, the Emperor has the right to choose Four Lords to aid him in his quest to complete the ordeal. The Emperor MUST pass on the Demon Orb, if he fails to do so, then Demon Kind will likely turn on itself as the various classes will seek the orb in a bid of power. Should this happen, the Demons will vanish in little time.

The Four Demon Lords: These four demons are beings who have displayed a great desire to assist the emperor in achieving its goals, and have proven themselves to be competent individuals. The Four Demon Lords are given the special classifcation of Lord, a title to signify their ascension. They can be chosen from any of the other demonic classes, and are in charge of overseeing demon kind while the Emperor sets upon his tasks. They report only to the Emperor, and are second to no other demons in power save for the Emperor. When a Demon Lord is chosen, he/she is given their title, and class, as well as a boon to their power both physically and magically, and their innate abilities carried over from their former classification are amplified. In addition, the Demon Lords become bound to the Emperor's life. When chosen, the demon in question will live out the remainder of the Emperor's lifespan with him, or live until they are slain in battle. For example: A Demon chosen to be a Lord while the Emperor is 1000 years of age will be given an extra 9000 years to their life span without aging another day old, though they will perish on the same day and moment of the Emperor's demise.

The Seven Generals: A position given only to the most reliable underlings of each of the seven demonic classes. The Seven Generals operate under the Four Demon Lords, though they too are chosen by the Emperor himself. Much like the Four Lords, they are granted their title and class by the Emperor, and all of their innate abilities from their respective classes are amplified generously. Unlike the Four Demon Lords, the Seven Generals are not bound to the life of the Emperor, and can be replaced freely as needed by the Emperor. If one is to be deemed unworthy of serving after a time, they will be stripped of their enhanced abilities & position, and replaced by someone who is more competent. If one dies, then the Emperor will simply find a replacement among that General's class. While they may be replaced freely, their power is nothing to scoff at, as it would take a Heroic Figure to be able to fight one of the Seven Generals on even footing.

Astaroth Class: The Astaroth Class, known alternatively as the Cavalry of the Demonic Armies is the mounted unit of the Emperor's kin. Taking the appearance of fallen angels with ebony bat wings, and ash white flesh. Their heads are adorned with two horns of varying colors of red, black, gray, or white. They have lengthy pointed ears, and sharp fangs which may or may not protrude from their upper lips. In addition, each Astaroth class demon mounts a wyvern -- reptiles who lack arms, but have wings in their place; they are large, covered in hard scales, and in addition - they have large maws that can be used for eating enemies alive if the rider has proper control. The power of the Astaroth class comes from their ability to ride wyverns, as well as their skill with the lance. However, like all demons, the Astaroth Class has an innate ability tied to them. In this case it is the power to seduce the minds of their weaker foes through implications of self-doubt.

Valefor Class: Known as the Lionhearts of the Demonic Armies, the Valefor Class are primarily infantry units in the Emperor's legions. In terms of appearance, the Valefor class appears to be fairly human-like; a few noticeable traits that differs from an actually human are their whip tails, lion's claws for feet, and a pair of feline ears as opposed to regular ears. Valefor Class demons are raised to live and die by the sword, as it is believed that only through endless warfare could they achieve ever lasting glory for their ruler. Because of this belief, the Valefor are incredibly skilled warriors when it comes to infantry tactics involving the use of swords, shields, and spears. A thing to note about this class is that due to the claws they have in place of feet, they are able to grip the ground better than other creatures while running, thus giving them a significant advantage in movement speed. The innate ability of the Valefor Class is to turn weak minded mortals on one another through temptations of thievery.

Belial Class: The special forces of the Demonic Armies are the Belial Class. Taking a more traditionally demonic shape, the Belial Class are a group of demons who are characterized by burning red flesh, large curling horns, goat hooves, sizable tails, and large bat wings. In terms of Physical might, the Belial class is the strongest class among their brethren. Often times, they are trained for special missions such as laying siege to what would be considered an impregnable fortress. They see no need for weapons as their own physical strength is enough to break boulders if properly trained - which in many cases the Belial spend most of their lives training. This class is entirely consistent of males, and they are considered to be the "Kings of War". The reason that the Belial-class demons can bring down potentially impregnable footholds is not because of their tremendous strength and battle prowess, but rather because of their innate ability. They inspire feelings of worthlessness and betrayal among the weaker minded mortals, possibly causing them to surrender, or even turn on their own kin in sheer madness -- foes become allies and comrades are seen as threats. This is the Belial-class' greatest weapon.

Halphas Class: The Halphas class... Seen as "scientists" among the demons, they are the ones who experiment with various different kinds of demonic magic, and their effects on Mortal life. In appearance, they are creatures with the wings of a dove, and the legs of a crow. They have short pointed ears, and slit pupils in their eyes along with sharp rows of teeth. This class was responsible for the creation of the race, "Las Demonerias" which is viewed by demon-kind as both a failure in the terms that a mortal race that identifies as an enemy was spawned, and a success in the sense that it was proven that demonic magic can corrupt mortal life. In many cases, they perform experiments in an effort to discover a way to remove potency from mortal males so they can no longer reproduce. Of course, because of the current Demon Emperor's decree, and ambitions, these experiments are kept to a bare minimum, and successful spells are never cast in wide spread areas in order to prevent the completion of the ordeal. The Innate ability of the Halphas class is the ability to lure mortals via feelings of bliss, and ignorance.

Kimaris Class: The Kimaris class, alternatively known as the Amalgamation class, are a class of demons that take the shape of a leopard, with the torso of a Salamandrite, and a snake for a tail. They are the fewest in number, and have an unparalleled destructive magic ability among the Demonic Army's ranks. In many cases, the Kimaris class serves as a "canon" of sorts in battle, casting an array of powerful destruction magics to thin out enemy numbers, and destroy fortifications. In addition - the Kimaris class is a class that is in tune with the elements, and can learn any of the four Magiea abilities, Ice, Fire, Wind, or Water. They cannot learn Nature Magiea as that would require a purity of soul that no demon possesses. They are considered to be the wisest of all demonic classifications, and are often sought after for many types of advice including military advice, and even life advice. Furthermore, the Kimaris class is the least cruel of the seven classes when it comes to mortals. This is displayed in their innate ability -- the ability to fill a mortal's mind with fear, and desperation, causing them - in many cases, to flee from battle against the Kimaris and be spared.

Amon Class: The stealth unit of the Demonic Armies, the Amon class are known as the silent assassins of the Demon Emperor's Legions. Taking the shape of a lycan with the tail of a serpent as opposed to the tail of a wolf, these demons are built for silent movements. They are typically more slender than other classes, and can change colors to blend in with their environment in order to avoid being seen by enemy eyes. Their ability to command shadow magic, and to stealthily assassinate key targets in the dead of night makes them an incredibly formidable class though they do suffer one plight. It was the Amon Class' demon seed that was used in the spell that spawned the "Las Demonerias", which has resulted in their kind being hunted by the fierce women of Fury Spire while they themselves are out on mission. The Amon Class wields an innate ability which inspires weaker mortals to lie to one another -- this ability is useful in that they can make weaker mortals turn a blind eye to their activities.

Sitri Class: Known as the Temptresses, the Sitri class is the most advanced in the use of more versatile magic. In terms of physical appearance, they take a form identical to humans, and elves, save for demonic markings that are naturally occurring along their flesh, and are a classification comprised strictly of females. Seeing as how they are the physically weakest class among all demon-kind, the Sitri class often is withheld from the battle field and used as handmaids, and courtesans in the courts of the higher ranking Seven Generals, and the Four Demon Lords. This of course shouldn't discredit their ability, as their affinity to learning various different types of magic, and magiea, as well as their ability to grasp and understand mortal knowledge better than the other demons can make them a powerful asset to their Lords. The Sitri class are known as Temptresses for one reason, and one reason only. While they take on the appearance of Humans, and Elves, they are perceived to be stunningly gorgeous. A mere look upon one of the Sitri class demons is enough to make the heart ache. That coupled with their innate ability -- the ability to inspire love, lust, and intense emotion towards themselves from the on-looker. A strong enough Sitri demon can cause a man, or woman to bare themselves naked with but a single command. It is through this power that they lure mortals to their demise.

Extra Information

Lifespan: The average demon of any class, including the seven generals holds a lifespan of roughly 120 years of age. The Four Demon Lords may have shorter, or longer lifespans depending on when they are elected to be a lord.

Location: Currently, the demonic armies are spread out along the southern border of The Kingdom of Vividus, near Fury Spire. They also have strongholds within the Kingdom itself, but nowhere near the capital or other important cities.

Leader: The Demon Emperor (Player Pending)

The Four Demon Lords: Layla Lialana, Lady Negatio (2 Players Pending)

The Seven Generals: (7 Players pending)

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