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Rules of Astridoth

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Rules of Astridoth

Post by Kor on Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:54 pm

Below are rules to be considered by Role-Players who are looking to join, and participate in the universe of Astridoth. While some of these rules will be mere suggestions (And those will be marked as such), it is asked of all who play in this universe that the ones that are concrete, and considered Law of the Universe be observed, and followed. That said, here they are!

Rules for Character Creation, and Charater interactions.

1. The Dreikari Entities, and Astrid are the end all, be all of this universe. As such, no character that exists within Astridoth is able to match them, or even come close to it. In fact, if all living things in the entirety of Astridoth got together to fight even one of the Entities (who pales in comparison to Astrid), they would be annihilated.

2. No player character can be truly immortal within Astridoth. Mortality is something that characters deal with, and it makes them either stronger, or weaker as characters. For this reason, I ask that no one is immortal in my universe. Not just for that, but it wouldn't work with the lore, as Netharious did not create the "immortal races" he created the "mortal races".

3. God-modding is strictly prohibited. Period.

4. No players are allowed to create any Entities, Astrid, or Dreikari Lessers as their character in Astridoth - only Universe Moderators may make these characters. Period.

5. All abilities a character has must be accompanied by draw backs that also limit them. For example, Saya Sakata has a weapon that was blessed, and forged by Salamandra the Flame Entity, however, if she uses it for prolonged periods of time, she loses her sanity, becomes a sloppy fighter, is more prone to injury, and can be tricked by her opponents easily.

6. The following types of abilities are prohibited. There will also soon be a list of powers permitted in the universe.

    - Time Travel/Alteration
    - Reality Bending Abilities
    - Mind Control
    - Space Manipulation
    - High Level Gravity Manipulation
    - Resurrection
    - Soul extraction/manipulation
    - Any ability that would make a stat infinite
    - Invincibility
    - Global Abilities
    - Powers that can Alter a large amount of terrain
    - True Naming
    - God Like Words of Power. (Anything that would make a character god-like in terms of spells that are spoken. Though lesser words of power are certainly allowed.)

7. All Characters in this universe must have an origin in one of the seven major civilizations.

8. All characters made for this universe must be approved by either Stellaroa, or Tiamat. No exceptions.

9. All Astridoth related characters must be OC. No characters from other universes will be allowed in canon Astridoth Role Plays unless they are agreed upon among members of the Korphire Multi-verse. That said, re-imaginings of characters as Astridoth OCs is acceptable.

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